Ahead Of Senate Debate Texans Still On Hold For Patrick

By Matt Briscoe

As Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke prepare for a second debate this week, Texans are still waiting for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to come out from the friendly confines of the state GOP’s bosom and set the record straight on his failures as Lt. Governor.

On Sunday, his challenger, Mike Collier told Texas Take that he hopes that with only 6 days left before early voting begins, Patrick would come out and debate him on issues that are widely important to Texans.

Patrick, who ran on a platform of lowering property taxes has done anything but. He quickly abandoned the idea nearly immediately in favor of more socially charged issues such as same sex bathroom and sanctuary cities.

Though it is unlikely that Patrick will come out of the safety net that GOP leaders are providing, many Texans are wanting answers. But it’s Patrick that isn’t prepared to give them.

It seems that the only people left that can and will hold Patrick accountable are the voters.

As for the Senate race, Ted Cruz is still leading in most of the polls and O’Rourke is still rocking and rolling like the poster child for the young democrats. But one thing is nearly certain–Cruz at least has the cajones to debate his opposition. That’s more than we can say for the most powerful man in Texas.

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