San Antonio City Council Gives Final Nod To Alamo Fixer Up

By Matt Briscoe

San Antonio–The final plans to revitalize and renovate the historic Alamo Plaza area passed through San Antonio City Council by a 9-2 vote on Thursday afternoon.

The remodel plans include the historic Alamo and expansion of the grounds to include the original footprint, an 1836 battlefield, a museum, and a transformation of the area into an open-air museum stretching all the way to the River Walk.

“This is a historic moment and a turning point that finally gives the Alamo the reverent treatment I believe it deserves,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said in a statement. “To truly tell the story of the Alamo, we must tell the entire story of the Alamo, from its establishment as a mission to the battle itself and its place as a civic gathering venue and memorial. The commercial nature of Alamo Plaza has made that difficult in the past.”

The controversial fixer up will emphasize on preserving the church and barracks.

The Cenotaph will move 500 feet south of its current location to in front of the Menger Hotel.

Traffic around the area will also have to be rerouted. Portions of surrounding roads, including Alamo Plaza, Houston Street, and Crockett Street, will be closed and eventually be tied into the overall layout of the project.

A museum of the world’s largest exhibit on the Texas Revolution is planned across the street and would relocate current businesses.

To see what the final project will look like you can visit a website titled Save The Alamo.

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