What Mike Collier Needs To Do In Order To Beat Patrick On Election Day

Running for democrat anything in Texas is a near impossible task, and Mike Collier feels that he is up for it.

Just days before early voting begins in the Lone Star State, Collier has joined with other Texas Democrats running for statewide office on a 4,700 square mile bus tour proclaiming that Democrats want a fair shot in the upcoming elections.

But for Collier, the trip is an obvious opportunity to level the playing field against a very tough and strong social reformist who ran on one platform and delivered another.

In a recent interview with Texas Take, Collier explained his keys to a successful Texas and his brand of compassionate politics that he believes will fuel a stronger state.

In a state where George W. Bush would likely seem too liberal and not even be able to carry a primary, one has to wonder why Collier, a former republican, would even begin to think that he stands a chance?

It’s simple–for Mike Collier to win, he has to get Texans to take off their blinders and listen at the solutions and not focus on the national agenda.

If somebody came to you and exposed a loophole that allowed large corporate property owners to pay less than their fair share of property taxes, and offered a solution to eliminate that, while passing the new revenue onto school districts you’d likely listen.

If you looked at what was actually done in the 85th legislature to fix the problem, you’d be shocked at how little was accomplished on the issue. You’d be mad as Hell when you realized that reasonable fixes were laid in their hands by both republican and democrat lawmakers while school districts must now beg for money in the form of bonds. All the while, big corporate landowners snubbed their noses at you and your children by paying less than their fair share of property taxes.

Texas owns two of the worst mass shooting events in recent history. Republican Governor Greg Abbott said that he feels so called “red flag laws” are something to look at. Dan Patrick said that any such law would be “dead on arrival” in the Senate. Collier agrees that it is something too consider.

By taking the blinders off of voters for a quick second, Collier could easily beat the wildly extreme Patrick. Why?

Because Collier carries a seemingly practical message that could easily resonate with Texas voters.

Can Collier beat Dan Patrick? It is possible. But Collier is going to have to keep his distance from the far left.

Ultimately, we already know where Patrick stands–so far out in right field that home plate is speck on top of chicken crap. Collier seems to be aligned more in shallow centerfield–exactly where the ball will be hit.

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