Cruz In Control While O’Rourke Becomes Desperate For A Victory

By Matt Briscoe

Congressman Beto O’Rourke has shown plenty of signs that the campaign trail is starting to take its toll on this once vibrant and energized candidate. O’Rourke, who has given GOP incumbent Ted Cruz a pretty good fight, is now resorting to being friends with national party special interest groups and democrat hardliners that are not exactly in line with good old “Texas Democrats.”

O’Rourke has climbed in bed with the ultra liberal CNN by taking free national publicity. The network baited him into the worn out “impeach Trump” rhetoric that would seemingly undermine democracy as it is.

He also took the low road using the “Trump Card” in a recent debate. O’Rourke resorted to using names like “Lyin’ Ted” in reference to Cruz.

Following the debate, the democrat challenger took desperation to a whole new level. He fired off at least 48 tweets in two hours in defense of his voting record, policy stances and nearly every other topic he could think of.

What used to be a campaign focused on Texas has now become a campaign of mad desperation fueled by national DNC left winger bull crap that doesn’t set well with even the most liberal of Texas Democrat.

The democrat challenger has in fact visited every county in Texas visiting with voters. Cruz has in fact visited about 20. Cruz is a friend of the national GOP hardliners–the good old boys. Now, Beto O’Rourke is nothing more than one of the same for the DNC.

But why?

The answer is simple–buy in or get ran out.

O’Rourke has raised over $60 million dollars in campaign funds for this election. That should be more than enough to be a moderately disliked right winger in Texas. But the cold hard fact is that Beto is just not focusing on Texas and Texas Democrats as much. The once seemingly outside candidate is now already playing the same games that he accuses Ted Cruz of doing–going to bed with national special interest.

At the national level, you play with who pays. In Texas, you “dance with who brought you.” Neither candidate gets that picture and are now obviously willing to let national influence beat what is really good for Texans.

Early voting begins next week and there is a lot on the line at all levels. For Cruz, if he loses then he loses all hope of ever becoming President. If O’Rourke is to fail, he will end up with an awful lot of upset democrat donors. But one thing is certain that on November 6, 2018 one will win–the only losers will Texans.

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