Early Voting Still Strong In Week Number Two

by Matt Briscoe

Austin–Millions have already voted across Texas according to the Secretary of State and they are still coming. Though lines are smaller at most polling locations, Texas is still on pace for record breaking midterm voter turnout.

Analysts are noting that the younger generation of Texans are showing up to the polls this time around.

Compared to this time in 2014, voters under the age of 30 have increased their turnout by more 5 times where it was in the last midterm.

Voters over the age of 65 have nearly doubled their turnout thus far in the early voting period.

While nobody really knows for sure exactly what this all means, the sociology behind the numbers tells an interesting story.

Democrats have been focusing on the younger, first time voters in college campuses. Though most pollsters strongly advise against it, democrats are working to get the younger vote.

Voters over the age of 65 in Texas tend to be heavy supporters of the GOP and straight ticket voters.

Though younger, first time voters do seem to be heading to the polls, the tide still swings in favor of the GOP.

Though an increase of first time voters could mean big things for Texas democrats, it is highly unlikely.

“Let’s say 5-6% more young people turnout to vote, that is enough to swing nearly any race,” says Jason Gillespie, an election observer in Dallas County. “The race it really impacts is the race for Senate. Everything else, assuming these young people vote straight ticket, still puts most democrats too far behind.”

Gillespie notes that higher straight ticket democrat turnout could mean swings in the Texas Legislature and at the local level.

Early voting continues in the state through Friday. The General Election is next Tuesday.

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