Colder Weather Is Coming

Well, you asked for another breath of that pumpkin pie spice weather and Texas, it is coming.

As for when, that depends on where you lay your head.

Parts of the state are already feeling the impacts of the cold front that will soon bear down on most of the state (see above.)

Down near the coast, not so much. You will have to wait another few hours before you start to feel it, but soon, we all will feel the noticeable temperature change.

In short, prepare yourself and your family for big changes in the weather. After the cold front moves through your area, you will see about 20 degree drop (to start) in our temperatures and even more by next week.

Even though temperatures are mild for much of the state this morning, 24 hours from now that will not be the cast. Friday will be nasty. Cold, rainy, windy with clouds not breaking.

When the cold front does push through the line of storms connected to it will be strong to even severe in some areas. Hail, damaging winds, and heavy rain, 1 to 2 inches widespread, but it could fall so fast could create minor street flooding, especially in the Houston area.

Now, let’s look at the high temps for tomorrow.

What did I tell ya? What a difference a day makes!

In short, stay tuned to your local media as the front approaches, as things could get a little rough along that outflow boundary in some places.

Behind that, breakout the pumpkin pie spice and the jackets.

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