Christmas Tree Shortage: Fact Or Fiction?

A rumor is spreading on social media that there may actually be a shortage of Christmas trees this year, but is it true? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Some suppliers are suggesting that the rumored shortage goes all the way back to the economic recession of 2008 when even tree farmers were forced to cut back on their operations. Because of the time that it takes for trees to become fully matured, some growers say the actual shortage, if there ever was any, started a few years ago when the trees planted way back during the crunch started showing up on the market. Others say that the shortage is simply supply and demand.

Experts say that in fact, the price of Christmas trees has in fact gone up due to various factors, including the 2008 economic crunch. Another factor is that artificial trees are becoming more and more desirable by younger buyers.

Both in store and digital retailers say that artificial tree sales have certainly increased over the last 3 to 5 years, especially among the younger demographic. For that reason alone, tree growers say that their cost does increase.

There is likely not a huge tree shortage like the one causing all of the rage on social media. However, the cost for live Christmas trees will likely be higher than you would expect in previous years.

So is the Christmas tree rumor fact or fiction? It just depends on who you ask and on how you look at it.

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