#Breaking Mexico will deport migrants who charges fence; Mexican police ordered to stop invasion attempts with force

By Matt Briscoe

Sources with the Procuraduria General De La Republica (Mexican Attorney General) Office have conformed to Texas Take News that they plan to deport 500 immigrants who charges a border control fence near Tijuana, on Sunday.

Video footage shows that hundreds of people, including women and children stormed the border fence on Sunday. The group was eventually stopped when agents from the United States Border officers were seen firing tear gas on the crowd.

The official with the Mexican agency told Texas Take News that the 500 persons who participated in the attempted invasion will be immediately deported to their country of origin.

The spokesperson for the agency told Texas Take News via phone on Sunday that this action “does not help” the migrants cause and could have led to what the spokesperson called a “serious situation.”

An official with the Mexican Army also told Texas Take News that they police and military in Mexico were prepared and had orders to use “whatever force necessary” to stop the group from unlawfully progressing forward.

A police spokesperson also confirmed to Texas Take News that police in Tijuana are indeed under direct order to use whatever force they must use to prevent an invasion.

This is a developing story

Rebecca Vargas contributed to this story from Tijuana, for Texas Take News.

Photo by: AFP

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