Teens Found With Credit Card Skimmer; Admit To Placing At Least 20 Devices

Portland, Texas–Police in Portland say that they have reason to believe that as many as 20 credit card skimmers may possibly on gas pumps and ATM’s around the area.

The information comes in after police in Portland found two women of Romanian decent, to be in possession of credit card skimming equipment.

The women were stopped along U.S. 181 on Monday evening for what police are calling a minor traffic violation at around 9:00 p.m.

Police say that a search of one of the women revealed that the female passenger had a credit card skinner attached to her leg. Detectives later searched the women’s hotel room in Corpus Christi, where they discovered 2 additional skimmers.

The suspects, ages 17 and 15 admit to having placed at least 20 skimmers around Corpus Christi, Portland, Odem and Sinton.

The 17 year old was turned over to Customs and Border Protection for identification and processing. The 15 year old was turned over to relatives.

Police believe that the women are part of a much larger credit card skimming operation and warn that area residents should closely monitor their bank accounts and credit card statements for unusual activity.

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