Possibility of Severe Weather For Ark-La-Tex Region

We are really watching the chances for some severe weather ramping up through this afternoon in the Ark-La-Tex region.

Good morning from the Texas Take Weather Center, where as a cold front approaches Northeast Texas, we are seeing the chances for severe weather really increase as the day moves on and into Friday night.

In short, if you’re in the region, we can rule nothing out. Everything from damaging winds and hail to tornadoes will be in play here today. To a lesser extent, heavy rain could be a major factor. We were just looking at the models and we are pretty confident that rain will come but, the threat is much larger than that.

To give you an idea on how much rain, lesser amounts to the south, higher amounts to the NE, near Texarkana and into Northern Louisiana.

Where is it? Well, like we said earlier in the week, it’s going to mostly isolated to far Northeast Texas.

What to do?

Be weather aware. Stay tuned into your local media, they will be your best source of information as they say progresses. Have your emergency plan in place and be ready to jump on it. Charge or replace batteries in the NOAA weather radio. Point blank, be weather aware in East Texas today.

Elsewhere around the state, windy way out west and the Big Bend. Pretty nice on the Coast and Central.

Look at this temperature map of high temps today! Holy smokes! 80s south to 60s in the Panhandle to 50s way out west. It is just all over the place. As long as you are not in far northeast or east Texas, it’s going to be pretty pleasant.

Our main focus area is the Ark-La-Tex. Y’all, stay focused out there and be weather aware. This could REALLY get hairy as the day goes on and into tonight.

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