Opinion: Where Have You Gone, Mr. President?

By Matt Briscoe

We recently said farewell to the nation’s 41st president and what a farewell it was. Many republicans and democrats alike said that they felt as if we were saying so long to an era of decency in the office, and they might very well be right.

I’m by far not a “Trumper” and I’m smart enough to realize that every president will do things that you agree and disagree with. But as for me, I want a president back in office.

I looked across the National Cathedral and in the front left row were former Presidents and their First Lady’s. Behind them were their Vice Presidents. Then, on the end was Trump.

Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney seemed obviously frustrated that Trump, who had openly and publicly attacked George H.W. Bush on numerous occasions, was even there.

Despite what some hardliners might suggest, I’m nearly certain that politics was not even on the minds of the former Presidents and Vice Presidents. What appeared on their minds was frustration at how our current president showed no obvious sign of respect or dignity for the office in which he holds. They, perhaps like no other know the weight of the office and of the responsibility.

Friday morning, we wake up to the news that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said that Trump wasn’t a reader and that he had made some personal feelings well known in public about Trump. The president then fired back calling Tillerson “Dumb” and “Lazy as Hell.”

Trump seems like he takes everything personal and to me, that doesn’t seem very wise–especially if you’re President of The United States.

Lord knows, every politician has people that love and hate them and their agenda. But then again, Trump wouldn’t know that because he had never been a politician.

I know, I know that there are those of you who admire this about the man, but really, don’t we all deep down want a president that we can be proud of?

Point blank, you can blame me because I voted for him. Not because I like him or his policies, but because I voted my conscience. At that point in time, maybe he was better that Hilary. Really, my vote wasn’t for Trump, it was for Mike Pence–a politician.

I have no doubt that Pence is a better student of the job and representative of the office than his boss is.

Looking back, I see that Trump is a kin in attitude to Johnson. Hopefully, he recognizes that and succumbs to the same fate politically.

Trump has given rise and platform to a new party–not one that I or any of my republican friends care to claim.

So with them, I say in a slightly changed Art Garfunkel line, “Where have you gone, Mr. President? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.”

One comment

  1. Interesting piece. It reminds me of how George H.W. Bush was covered by the media. Like he every other Republican president was portrayed as a dunce. Then in death he was a hero. Donald Trump just happens to be the current Republican president experiencing the same treatment. Many in the media are siezing on Bush’s death as yet another boring opportunity to trash Trump. Say what they will. History will write the last word.


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