Weather: Hold onto your hats!

Hold onto your hats because a pretty gusty windstorm might visit our state on Thursday. There are still plenty of details to sort through, but early indications are wind gusts in north Texas could peak in the 50-60 mph range as a strong area of low pressure passes through.

This system does have an outside chance of bringing wintry weather across north Texas. Places like the DFW area, east towards Paris and Longview will have the best chances of at least a dusting of snow. Wichita Falls, Childress and Lubbock could see more snow, too with this system.

It won’t be a major winter weather event, so just cool your jets. If anything, a light December dusting of snow, but nothing to cancel plans for.

Down on the coast, we won’t see snow. But, what we will most likely going to see is wind gusts in the 30-40 mph range after a cold front blows in on Thursday into Friday. We can’t rule out a Marine warning with this, either. We will just keep an eye it and for now, plan on being ready to hold onto your hat!

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