Remember, You Can’t Buy Booze In Texas On Christmas

Want to have a scotch or a brandy on Christmas Day or New Years Day in Texas? You might want to go ahead and grab it because since 1967, it has been illegal to buy or sell liquor on Christmas Day. In 1979, the lege decided that just for added measure, they would add New Years Day to the list. Thanksgiving Day is also on the list of banned days to sell or deliver booze.

The actual law come in response to prohibition when back in 1936, the Texas Lege made it illegal to sell booze on Sunday. That law still stands today.

Though not applicable this year because the holidays fall during the week, if Christmas falls on a Sunday, then liquor sales are not allowed on the following Monday.

So, if you plan to enjoy a scotch on the rocks or another warm drink on Christmas Day, you might want to go ahead and buy you a bottle now.

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