New Housing Options Already Appearing In Permian Basin

Iron Horse Lodge workforce housing

Midland, Texas–AWT Logistics, LLC, the developers of Iron Horse Lodge, announced today that the first two phases of their 6-phase Workforce Housing Development are set to open in January 2019, offering 200+ single occupancy rooms. Situated between Midland and Odessa, Texas, the quiet, farmland location ensures peaceful and quiet living conditions for oilfield workers, while placing them in a strategic central location.

The company is a newer player in the Permian Basin Workforce Housing game, was founded by Oil Industry Executives and a Major Houston-Based Engineering and Construction Group with a clear understanding of today’s oil and gas employers’ need to house workers as part of an employee recruitment and retention strategy.

“We were confident in our ability to deliver a superior product at the same budgets being spent at places that resemble overcrowded prison camps,” says company CEO & Developer Scott Rettberg. “If you can’t stay at a facility for one week, you shouldn’t place your valued employees there for one year.” The company spared little expense to ensure that the site, houses, and rooms contained the highest level of amenities and inclusions offered in the workforce housing industry. These include a wide variety of breakfast and dinner meal options, fiber optic cable to Wi-Fi distribution at over 200Mps for today’s mobile and distributed digital content users, new flat screen TVs and DirecTV in every bedroom, twice weekly maid service, free laundry rooms, wide open grass common areas with BBQs, tables, horseshoe pits, shades and heaters for outdoor down time. A full-service gym loaded with commercial grade cardio and weight machines is open 24 hours and so is access to round-the-clock customer service staff.

Iron Horse Lodge features low density housing with no more than 14 buildings and in many cases just 50-70 large bedrooms per 2-acre lot. This leaves plenty of comfortable spacing and room for parking against each house. Offering a comfortable, quiet, and stress-free environment for today’s oilfield workforce is a model the company plans to continue on additional properties currently being planned.

“We were able to offer significantly more value profitably, without raising costs and as the model continues to work we see no reason to stop acquiring properties to develop,” says Rettberg, whose team is gearing up to develop additional workforce housing projects.

The Permian Basin is in a long-term boom, with an estimated 50,000+ workers still migrating here for work. Providing quality housing solutions for their workers is an effective way to recruit and retain workers for local oilfield drilling, completion, service, pipeline, and production companies. Iron Horse Lodge General Manager, Steve Glynn adds, “Our vision was to treat workforce residents like valued guests and the rest will take care of itself. By making sure our guests have quality rest, enjoyable amenities, and stress-free living conditions – we are helping improve worker safety issues in the field.”

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