The La Vega Pirates overtake Liberty Hill in Championship

Arlington, Texas–In a game that would prove to be just as good as you could imagine, the La Vega Pirates emerged victorious tonight over the Liberty Hill Panthers.

The game would start off with La Vega kicking off to Liberty Hill. After a short possession, the Panthers were forced to punt.

La Vega would get on the board first with a 35 yard rushing touchdown from Jar’quae Walton.

In the second quarter, Liberty Hill would finally get on the board with a 6 yard rushing touchdown by Kyle Harrison.

The game was tied up 7-7 at the half, but La Vega would wind up with a 21 point third quarter.

It looked like for a moment that Liberty Hill might be able to mount a comeback after the team’s traded touchdowns in the 4th. Liberty Hill ended up scoring one more touchdown in their 14 point 4th quarter, but the championship was not to be for the Austin area community.

La Vega would go into being the championship to Waco in a handy 35-21 win.

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