Wednesday Weather

Matt Briscoe

It’s the day after Christmas and as some of you are planning on hitting the roads today, you will certainly want to consider the weather impacts before you head out today.

Looking across the state right now the main hazards are west and northwest into the Panhandle and far west Texas. We see a dense fog advisory covering most of that area and a wind advisory way out around Van Horn.

Now, let’s talk about how things change later in the day today. The main focus is in Central, North Central and East Texas this afternoon and into this evening. That is where we are focusing our attention as this strong storm system begins to push our way.

We do have that one little spot up there off U.S. 287 near Childress and Paducah that is likely to see 2-3 inches of rain over the period, but the main ficus is right there from La Grange to Waco to Corsicana, Lufkin and Longview. That centralized population center is really where most of the rain should fall over the next 24-32 hours.

What could we see with this? Let’s get into it. Isolated showers are expected this morning but again, it’s afternoon into evening that we really start to watch the radar light up.

As this cold front and associated low pressure system that is moving west to east we could possibly see some strong storms pop up ahead of it, but right along it, that is where we will see the most activity. Some areas could see up to 3 inches of rain, hail and an isolated tornado or two is possible–though the odds of that are less than what we thought just yesterday. They are still a possibility, though.

By Thursday, most of the severe weather should be well out of the central Texas area and moving east.

What should you do? Simply put, be prepared. There are some chances of risky weather out there today and the best plan is to monitor your local media outlets for the latest weather alerts for your area. Charge up that NOAA weather radio and stay weather aware as the day goes on.

That should catch you up on the weather for today and be careful out on the roadways as you travel about. Happy Holidays and Stay Safe, Texas!

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