Opinion: The Dark Cloud Over Texas 27

Matt Briscoe

If you are a freshman congressman and your senators send a letter to the President about an issue that directly impacts your district, you would likely want to sign it–especially if that letter was about disaster aide that your district needs and was signed by nearly every single member of your state’s delegation. But no, you opt out and decide not to sign it. But instead you decide that the language in support of the President’s position isn’t strong enough, so you decide to go at it alone and draft a letter yourself. That’s exactly what Republican Michael Cloud did.

Cloud represents Texas Congressional District 27, an area along the coast that was heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey. On January 15, 2019 members of the Texas delegation sent a letter to President Trump urging him not to use federal disaster money to end the partial government shutdown over his proposed wall.

Texas has 36 members representing us in the House, plus our two senators. The letter was signed by nearly two dozen elected leaders from both parties. Even Texas Governor Greg Abbott put his John Hancock to it. But Mr. Cloud, who is obviously more worried about impressing his new republican contemporaries than he is listening to his district, decided that the letter wasn’t strong enough on border security. Cloud had to show his solidarity with the President and the far right wing of his party. But what do you expect?

The fact is, Cloud has his head there and not in his district where it ought to be. Cloud has yet to prove residents of Texas-27 anything except that he can stand in lockstep with the Trumpers.

The fact is, Cloud was elected by dumbasses like me, who felt like we didn’t have a solid dog in the hunt. During the election he catered to the local GOP offices because the democrats had a solid flop in Holguin.

Had the Democrats given voters in Texas 27 much of a choice, this district could have flipped and Michael Cloud would have been back pushing pencils instead of making friends with Trump and showing his loyalty to the national party.

The fact is, maybe Michael Cloud ought to start learning how to represent his district instead of trying to make friends with a The far right, a love affair that will likely be short lived anyway.

Texas 27, we were sold out–point blank. If we wanted a change, we damn sure got it. If we wanted representation, we damn sure didn’t get that.

Now I’m sure Michael Cloud will likely be on local radio this week explaining his position and why he didn’t sign the letter and how he insists the language in support of Trump should have been stronger, but the truth is that the only real explanation is folks, we are being represented by skinny little sell out who doesn’t give two shits about his district or you and me–his constituents who voted for him.

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