Texas Braces For Blue Norther Over The Weekend

Matt Briscoe

San Antonio–The weather discussion this week has centered around a block of cold air that is making its way towards the Lone Star state that’s set for arrival this weekend. With the freeze line expected to as far south as below Interstate 10, officials are warning residents and travelers to be prepared.

Officials say that the usual people, pets, pipes and plants certainly comes into play this weekend as the system will drop temperatures fairly rapidly around the state. Officials also warn that the pleasurable temperatures and comfortable weather on Thursday and Friday should not lull Texans into a sense of comfort or complacency.

Officials warn that Texans would be wise to make use of those warmer days to plan and prepare for the event by wrapping pipes, covering plants and checking on vulnerable neighbors who might suffer most from a deep Winter chill.

In the Dallas area, highs Friday are expected to be in the mid 70’s but by Sunday, temperatures will have fallen well into the 20’s, making for a potentially dangerous situation as the so-called “Blue Norther” barrels it’s way southward.

In Houston, participants in the annual Chevron Houston Marathon that takes place on Sunday, will be running in temperatures that will hover near the freezing mark. Officials warn that by Monday a hard freeze could impact that area with temperatures falling towards the 25 degree mark on Monday morning.

TXDOT will likely begin pretreatment of major roadways sometime Friday into Saturday, depending up your location.

Air travelers could experience higher than normal delays due to both the weather system and the ongoing partial government shutdown. Those traveling by air should plan on arriving well ahead of their departure time and frequently check with their carrier as to the status of their flights.

And remember: Protect people, pipes, pets and plants ahead of this weekends Blue Norther.

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