What Is A Blue Norther?

Matt Briscoe

There is a lot of talk about the big chill that forecasters say is making its way towards Texas this week. Often times the term “Blue Norther” is used to describe these type of weather events, but what exactly is a “Blue Norther” anyway?

“Blue Northers” are called such because of their typical dark gray or blue tinted clouds that often come along with them. Experts say that they are also fast moving, drop temperatures rapidly and often bring high winds to an area.

Experts say that “Blue Northers” don’t happen often, but it isn’t uncommon to get a few during cold weather months. One of the strongest “Blue Northers” to hit the state was way back in 1911 when temperatures tanked nearly 50 degrees in less than 24 hours.

This weekend’s front will not get nearly that cold, but it will cause a significant drop in temperatures between Friday and Monday.

If you have any pictures of this weekend’s “Blue Norther” we’d love to see them!

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