Update: Man Accused Of Killing Wife And Wounding Daughter Found Dead

Cliff Ryan and Matt Briscoe

Houston, Texas–Official have confirmed that a 66 year-old woman was killed by her estranged husband Thursday outside of a Houston area church. The incident also left a 31 year-old woman, identified as the gunman’s daughter, seriously injured.

The shooting took place in the parking lot of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church locates at 11507 Huffmeister Road in Houston.

Police say that the person responsible for the shooting, 62 year old Arthur Edigin, was deceased woman’s estranged husband. Edigin was found dead Friday morning in the bathroom of a Houston area hotel.

Police say that they were able to track Arthur Edigin down to an area hotel where they used a robot to enter the room. Police say that they found him dead in the bathroom.

Police believe that Edigin shot at least 5-6 shots into the car, striking the occupants. Edigin’s 66 year-old estranged wife was killed. His 31 year-old daughter is in critical condition, police say.

This story has been updated throughout.

Photos: Cliff Ryan; Suspect Photo Courtesy of Harris County Sheriffs Office

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