More Questions Than Answers About Mysterious Lights Over East Texas

Matt Briscoe

Tyler–It happened around 9:00 p.m. Saturday night–a slow moving mysterious light made its way across the deep East Texas sky, leaving some to wonder exactly what it was?

There were multiple reports of the object moving fast, like a common meteor. Others reported that the object was going slow–like an airplane. Others yet, said that whatever it was it seemed to possibly be on fire.

Video captured by Beau Breland shows the slow moving object moving across the sky at 8:54 p.m. near Tyler. Beau’s mother said that she also saw the mysterious light herself and wondered what it could be?

“My son had time to film it, text me, I read it, jumped up and ran outside and watched it,” she said. “My first thought is that it was a plane on fire, it was moving that slow.”

She goes onto say that whatever it was seemed to be large, close, on fire and slow moving.

A photograph from Marshawn Eddis who lives near Texarkana seems to show a similar sight. Eddis said that the object was not like anything that he had ever seen before and that he was even at one point concerned that it might be a passenger plane on fire.

Officials with the FAA said that they had no record of any incidents in the area Saturday evening, but pilots as far away as Memphis, Tennessee reported the mysterious sightings.

Officials with nearby Barksdale, Air Force Base in Alexandria, Louisiana would neither confirm or deny reports that the incident was connected to training exercises ongoing from that facility.

Unconfirmed reports from Southwest Arkansas even suggest that debris from the sky might have even fallen into the yards of area residents. Police in Arkansas say that they receive 3 reports of debris being located along state highways and one report on private property. The official was not able to provide details beyond confirming that reports had been taken.

So as for exactly what it was, that remains a mystery. But one thing is sure–people across parts of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas saw something and it does seem like officials might know more than they are letting on. Officials in Arkansas say that they will likely have a formal prepared statement Monday morning,

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