Dangerous Fugitive Escapes From Private Prisoner Transport North Of Houston

Conroe, Texas–The man who is thought to be the primary suspect in a case involving the disappearance and death of two people from Temple escaped police custody Sunday near the east Texas community of Conroe.

Cedric Marks escaped from a private prisoner transport group who had stopped for food at the time of the escape.  Marks was released from the Kent County Jail in Michigan Thursday morning and picked up by Texas Prisoner Transport to be extradited to Texas, according to records obtained from the Kent County Jail.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff Facebook Page, Marks escaped in the 800 block of N. Loop 336 in Conroe Sunday morning.

Marks is a professional MMA fighter and was last seen in an orange jumpsuit and restraints. Authorities say that he should be considered extremely dangerous.

In addition to several complaints of human rights violations, the very sketchy company seems to have a high employee turnover rate. One former employee that we spoke with said that Texas Prisoner Transport would often break federal guidelines and rules during transport.

“They would often just tell us to let prisoners use the restroom on themselves and rarely stop for food or water,” the former employee says. “They are a cut rate company that cuts rates at every corner.”

What we also know about the company comes from another former employee who said that she was not surprised that this happed and that Texas Prisoner Transport was the company behind it.

“You have no idea how unprofessional and terrible this company is,” she claims. She also cited that racial and homophobia slurs are also commonly used towards inmates just to try and create problems like this.

“I am not shocked that this company is behind it.”

This is a developing story

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