Trump Says That He Is Declaring A National Emergency Over Border Wall

Matt Briscoe, David King

Washington, D.C.–During a bill signing in the Rose Garden of the White House, President indicating that he is declaring a national emergency at the US-Mexico border.

The move would allow him to fund proposed border wall without Congress approval and that has many in Congress in an uproar. Democrats have vowed to challenge the move as unconstitutional. They have already denied President Trump $5.7 billion dollars that he says he needs to fund his wall—and they vow to do more.

According to reports, Mr. Trump’s emergency declaration would give him about $8 billion dollars to build his wall.

The Washington Post says it includes $1.375 billion approved by Congress for fences along 55 miles of the Texas border, and $6.5 billion that he plans to spend without Congressional approval.

President Trump is fully aware of the potential conflict that the move brings. In his remarks, President Trump spoke about the inevitable legal battle that now lies ahead.

“We will be sued and get a bad ruling and end up in the Supreme Court,” President Trump said, feeling confident that with his two hyper conservative Supreme Court nominations his plan will be upheld.

Brian Carter contributed to this report from Washington, D.C.

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