Spectrum Customers in Texas Experience Major Disruptions

San Antonio–Thousands of Spectrum cable customers around the state have been without cable since at least 6:00 Tuesday morning. Some customers began reporting service interruptions as late as 10:00 p.m. Monday evening.

Nearly every major city in Texas is at least partially impacted by the outage. An outage map shows the most concentrated outages to be located along I-35 between Dallas and San Antonio. However, Spectrum customers as far south as Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley Are also experiencing outages. The Houston area, including Katy are feeling the sting, too.

Spectrum does say that they are aware of a “significant problem” but the spokesperson would not elaborate on the exact cause or how long it would take for services to come back up.

While several hundred thousand are reporting issues with cable television services from Spectrum, the internet and VOIP phone services seem to be working fine even in zip codes where outages are reported.

“We are trying to identify the problem but right now we just can’t seem to find it,” a Spectrum spokesperson said Tuesday night.

Spectrum has increasing come under fire for their lack of customer service, innovation and scandalous pricing. Customers complain about outrageous bills, questionable billing practices and now, major outages.

While the company works to getting services restored In impacted areas, customers are working on finding creative ways to distance themselves from the mega provider.

It’s unclear the exact number of households and businesses are impacted by today’s most recent outage however, some estimates say that it could into the millions.

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