Cargo Plane Crashes Into Trinity Bay Near Anahuac

Chambers, County–A cargo plane en route to Houston Intercontinental Airport from Miami crashed Saturday afternoon in Trinity Bay near the city of Anahuac in Chambers County.

An FAA spokesperson confirmed to Texas Take News that a Boeing 767 Cargo plane crashed around 12:45 Saturday.

The plane is reported to have had 3 crew on board and was on approach to Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The aircraft is owned by global cargo carrier Atlas Air, headquartered in Purchase, NY.

Late on Saturday evening, officials confirmed that remains had been found at the crash site and Chambers county Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said in a press conference that he believes that there were no survivors.

The plane was contract to Amazon Air Cargo. Moments before the crash radio calls do not indicate that a distress call went out to air traffic controllers. Radio communications indicate bad weather was present and then moments prior to the crash, the Boeing 767 went into a 7,000 foot per minute decent. Sheriff Hawthorne says that witness heard the planes engines making a rumbling sound and that some fishermen in the area said that it sounded like lightning. Hawthorne also said witnesses described the plant to have hit the water in a nose down position from a height of approximately 6,500 feet.

The water in which the plane crashed is said to be extremely shallow ranging only zero to 5 feet deep and is considered extremely popular among duck hunters.

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