Game Wardens Seize 1,800 Pounds Of Shrimp

Matt Briscoe

Calhoun County, Texas–Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens reported that they had seized 1,800 pounds of shrimp from a commercial fishing boat in Calhoun County on Sunday.

Game wardens were on patrol and conducted a routine inspection on the trawler. Warden discovered that the boat’s Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) were well beyond the maximum degrees allowable by law.

A spokesperson with Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens said that the maximum allowed by law is 55 degrees and that this particular boat was well beyond that legal maximum.

The boat operator was also cited for not having a licensed captain on board and were issued warnings for other violations.

The shrimp was seized and taken to buyers in Calhoun County where they were allowed to bid on the seized shrimp.

Misdemeanor charges are pending in the case and multiple citations were issued.

Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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