Veteran Journalist and Crew Taken Into Custody During Interview

Veteran news journalist Jorge Ramos was briefly taken into custody along with 5 others, during an interview with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Ramos and his crew were conducting an interview with Maduro at his official workplace known as Milaflores Palace in Caracas when Maduro became increasingly upset with the questions that Ramos was asking. Maduro ended the interview and detained Ramos and his crew along with seizing their communications equipment.

By Monday evening, Univision had reported that Ramos and his crew had been released from custody and were allowed to return to their hotel room.

The criminal regime has become increasingly hostile recently as tensions continue to rise in the mismanaged socialist society.

Officials from around the world have increased pressure on the tyrants to no avail. It is unclear exactly what steps world leaders will take next, though some have suggested military options.

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