Texas Take is a nonpartisan media organization covering Texas and issues important to Texans. Our mission is to provide our readers with impartial, fair, informative reporting on government and other matters of statewide concern.

Texas Take is financially supported by a diversified business model that includes memberships, corporate sponsorships, events, subscriptions, syndication and other revenue streams. We will identify sponsors as appropriate should there ever be a potential conflict within a story.


  • Our reporting on all platforms will be truthful, transparent and respectful; our facts will be accurate, complete and fairly presented. Our content will represent our best independent judgment, not our preferences or those of our sources. There will be no hidden agendas in our reports or features.
  • Texas Take journalists will not republish stories, images or other content from outside sources without permission and credit. Plagiarism, fabrication and misappropriation of intellectual property are all grounds for immediate termination.
  • When we make a mistake — and it will happen — we will work quickly to fully address the error, correcting it within the story, detailing the error on the story page and adding it to a running list of Texas Take Corrections. If you see an error, contact us at Corrections
  • We will try our best to identify all of our sources, granting individuals anonymity only when the information is critical to the story, we are certain the source is reliable and there is no other way to obtain the information. We will not say that a person declined comment if they are already quoted anonymously. As much as possible, we will identify in our reporting any bias we know our sources have. Anonymous sources should know that the reporter will share their identity with a senior editor, who will also keep that information confidential.
  • Multiple efforts will be made to contact the primary subjects and sources of criticism in our stories.
  • Journalists may not work on stories or projects in which they have a vested interest, financial or personal. They should avoid investment in companies or industries they regularly cover.
  • Journalists seeking secondary employment or freelance work to supplement their income must be cleared by an editor to ensure the work does not conflict with their responsibilities at Texas Take.
  • Texas Take accepts corporate sponsorships, underwriting and, within permissible limits, advertising that does not compromise its editorial integrity. All such support, including future “sponsored content,” must be clearly and obviously distinguished from editorial content. Any sponsor or advertiser messages that contain false or unlawful content, or that Texas Take believes undermines its integrity, mission or brand, may be removed at our discretion. All corporate support will be solicited by Texas Take business staff, and no sponsored content will be produced by Texas Take employees.


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