About Us

Who We Are

Texas Take is a new, fresh and balanced approach to Texas news, information and discussion. We are Journalists, reporters and analysts. More important, we are everyday Texans living everyday life just like you.

Some of us are native, multi-generational Texans that understand the heritage, culture and history of this land that we call home. Others are planting roots here, just learning the lay of the land and how business get done in the Lone Star State.

We are deeply embedded in Austin and rooted throughout the state. We are unbiased and take aim on both parties when they fall short and praise them when promises are kept.

Most importantly, we stand for Texas. We love what we do and we love who we do it for.

When disasters strike, we are there. When breaking news unfolds, we get you the story. When topics need to be raised, we bring it to the table.

We are not hipsters or millennials with a desire to change the world to fit our view of how things ought to be. We are not democrat nor republican.

We are Texans.

How Do We Do It?

We do it by building listening, quoting you exactly the way that you say it. We do it by using verified sources and though from time to time we may have to use anonymous sources, we ensure their claims and their story is validated to the fullest extent.

We find our projects through private contributions of our readers and support from advertisers that you see from time to time.

We accomplish our mission as one team, one paper, one Texas.



Texas Take News is led by veteran news journalist Matt Briscoe. A 7th Generation native Texan, Matt prides himself in knowing the heart and pulse of Texas. From the complex and often confusing realm of the Texas Legislature in Austin to the metropolitan areas and small communities that dot this land, Matt is not afraid to go where the news is. His work has been featured in newspapers throughout the state and is a regular guest on local, national and global television programs.

Matt began his career as a freelance conflict reporter working around the world. His coverage has earned him major awards and accolades from various organizations. While gaining experience on the global beat, he still yearned to come back home to Texas and be part of the news landscape while telling the stories of his native soil. He realized that while the world was moving on, many news outlets in across the state were not. His experience taught him that the world was going digital and with in mind, he came home to practice his trade.

Fair and balanced reporting from the front lines. If you have a story or an idea Email Matt and give him the scoop.

How We Operate 

Texas Take operates in the form of memberships. Our membership drives focus on what you, the consumer value our news content to be. We do have regular sponsors and advertisers that help keep the lights on and we appreciate them to fullest. To offset the cost of producing great quality news, we partner with our advertisers and our members. Consider joining Texas Take today.


We are Texans and this is Texas Take.